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212Paint Inc. warrants the painting of interior and exterior painted surfaces for a period of one (1) year, per the specific contracted scope of work, and will repair newly painted areas if pealing , blistering, flaking or coating separation occurs. The painting warranty is limited to workmanship. Both our interior and exterior paint warranty cover painting defects , but they do not cover areas of fading and or damage due to normal wear and tear , abuse weather or accidental damage

Note: Sever paint blistering and separation of caulk from wood due to intense and or direct heat are not issues of workmanship and are not covered under the warranty

This warranty does not apply to repairs necessitated by abuse, flooding, improper cleaning, or by customers’ own repairs or removal of paint to install stereo wires, cables, phone wires, etc. Consequential or incidental damages resulting from installation services are not covered by this warranty.

212painting Specializes in commercial and industrial painting , residential painting in Manhattan painting, NYC painting, Brooklyn Painting, bronx painting , Commercial painting

We have paint installers in addition to providing full insurance for paint installation jobs, and we are also licensed for paint installation jobs. If you are looking to get paint in New York, be sure to give us a call so you can get our 110% price match guarantee.

Our price match guarantee ensures that no matter where you shop, where you search for paint.